SoCal Car-Lite Trip, Day 4, Part 1: Early Rise, Workout, and Work

So my restful night on day 3 gave me enough juice to get up early.  Not early enough to go to 5am Crossfit or anything, but early enough to go to 6am Crossfit.

I hadn’t done any substantial workouts since last week (other than the mini visit at Gold’s, which was so short it doesn’t count) so the workout left me pleasantly gassed.

Downtown Venice has an actual “Bulletproof Coffee” shop so I got officially-branded coffee with butter blended in.  It kept me going long enough to check out another coffee/food stop down by the hotel.

Afterwards I cleaned up, packed, checked out, and went into work.  I had the pack-for-the-road routine down by this point, though I do think I could streamline the whole setup a little.

Random bag vomit–since I was carrying on I wanted to put the sharp things with the bike (which was to be checked).

I needed to work anyway and needed to save my legs for the trip to the airport (yes, it’s bike able), so the combo of no time and limited power means I’ll have to do more extensive LA exploring on another trip.  To-dos include (1) biking to the LaBrea tarpits via the Ballona Creek Path and (2) Visiting Just Bike LA, a cool-looking shop that I found in case Brompton parts were needed during my stay.

I was so excited about going to the airport by bike that I gave it its own post (Day 4, Part 2).