I 🚲 Portland (Ride 6)

In contrast to ride 5, ride 6 puts me back in the city for a ride that is overdue in many ways. I’ve been in and around Portland on visits since 2005 when we lived hundreds of miles away. Nowadays I’m much closer but due to covid I think this year has been the longest […]

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Coffeeneuring 2020 Ride 4

After a bit of a wait, I finally got a hilly bike all set up for rides around my hilly farm and hilly region. I did a couple very short shakedown runs but today was my first ride out on the road, so of course I had to get coffee. The basket cried out for […]

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Coffeeneuring 2020: Ride 3

I was itching to get outside for something fun after a day of farm chores on Saturday. A rainy night transitioned to a mix of clouds and rain on Sunday and I saw our local taproom had a stout on tap. Oppportunity and motive coincided: I grabbed my little bike and headed out on a […]

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2020 Coffeeneuring Ride 1

First time coffeeneuring outside of the city, and still getting used to riding on quiet country roads. Have done some rides here and there and on the trail with the kids, but otherwise haven’t been riding generally since I haven’t had a daily commute. On top of everything else have been nursing a twisted ankle […]

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