Cargobike maintenance

Oh Workcycles kr8, you need some attention. No longer used as a daily kid hauler, you have been parked for a very very long time.

Step 1 is diagnosing a front flat tire.

Step 0 was taking the garbage out of the bucket

I tried inflating the tire but could not get any air in. I pulled out the dunlop valve mechanism and was able to inflate the tire briefly (but of course there was bothi g to keep the air in)

I couldn’t force air directly through the valve so I gave it a bath:

The clean calve still seemed stuck but luckily I had a very tiny allen wrench about and was able to manually move the valve internals

I returned the valve to the tire and happily it allowed inflation and also closed properly. Added bonus— the tire held pressure for 1+ hour, so the dirty stuck valve was probably the root cause of the flat. Took the bike on a brief victory lap in the yard to celebrate.

Next up: Stokemonkey, will you ever stoke again?