Coffeeneuring Ride 7: Cold ride with kids

We’ve had a streak of rainy days here; it was finally sunny yesterday but I was behind on farm chores, and hadn’t made plans for a ride. For some reason I thought I had another week. Luckily I double checked the rules and found out that tomorrow is the last day of Coffeeneuring season!

The kids were bored, I needed to get a 2 mile ride in, and needed pick up supplies in town, so we loaded up the truck and headed for the bike trail, starting from the mountain bike skills park.

We detoured into town for grownup coffee and kid snacks, then rode some more along the river trail. It was 40 and breezy so I not only drank the pumpkin spice latte but also dipped into the thermos of pour over I had brought along as a backup plan.

Total distance: 2.1 miles, me on the brompton, daughter on the Islabike, and youngest on a balance bike with no pedals or brakes.