SoCal Car-Lite Trip, Day 4, Part 2: You Can Bike to LAX

I didn’t take the whole route but generally this thread led me in the right direction from Venice. To me the key is routing to the In and Out on Sepulveda Boulevard.

There are a few stretches of on-street riding in Venice on the way down to Marina del Ray that were typical urban California bike lane riding (I.e. not the worst but not the best). Then it turned almost Dutch with separated bikeways

The road is there but I am on a physically separated path

and the truly lovely Marvin Braude / Ballona Creek bike trail

Eventually you reconnect to the street “grid” but generally low-traffic (at least in early afternoon on a Wednesday).

At the end of the route I enjoyed watching jets land over the little park and missed the kids greatly since a park on the approach path to the airport is one of the most interesting things to them.

It took a little bit of exploration but I figured out how to actually get in to the airport. 96th street had some construction or other blockage but the sidewalk runs all the way to the next street on ground level that goes to arrivals (just go inside and then go upstairs).  Worst part was the (marked) crosswalk at the on-ramps from Sepulveda.   I walked the bike on this portion and it took about 25 minutes to get inside.

Inside, I turned my bike into luggage , checked it, and hoped for the best:

Took this photo to document its pre flight condition.  Ended up home in pristine condition and even had a TSA inspection notice.

Lessons learned and summary post here.