SoCal Car-Lite Trip, Day 3: Work a day in LA

Woke up a little on the late side, think that the lack of downtime has stressed me out a little.  Went on a quick run down to the “world famous” Gold’s Gym, which was quite the  experience–I had a day pass from the hotel so did a very brief set of shoulder presses and squats.  Place was crowded.

Walked back and had some pour-over coffee at Groundworks,

then found my way to an Egg Sandwich restaurant.

Figured out bike routing and parking to the office, though I discovered that I brought a lock but not the correct key.  Didn’t matter in any event since I have a folding bike that I can bring inside (yay) but still frustrating to be carrying the extra weight. I could have used the bag capacity for more jerky:

I bought this beef jerky on my road trip and then found some more in Goleta. It was so good I wanted to include a picture somewhere.

Finished out at the office and biked back to hotel and grabbed some rooftop bar tacos (not pictured) after getting some tacos next door at Tocaya (which were also good): Then crashed out for the evening.

On to day 4!