Coffeeneuring 2020: Ride 3

I was itching to get outside for something fun after a day of farm chores on Saturday. A rainy night transitioned to a mix of clouds and rain on Sunday and I saw our local taproom had a stout on tap. Oppportunity and motive coincided: I grabbed my little bike and headed out on a quick 4.5 mile loop before conditions changed.

Light rain + wool I’ve had for ages meant that I stayed dry enough.

After a small in-store sample I got a to-go pint filled to finish at home.

I think this ride has a valid beverage: it looks like black coffee and tastes like a mocha—but it’s a chocolate milk stout.

The pint growler is clear glass!

I don’t think it actually is a coffee stout but it reminds me of mochas I’ve had at places that favored syrup and milk over actual coffee. Of course, long ago I preferred coffee that was 50% or more milk and sugar so it’s also a bit of a throwback to my early coffee drinking days.