Family Biking: What to do with all these helme(n)ts?

This post has more questions than answers.  Specifically, there’s one question and no completely answers:

Two kid helmets and one adult helmet with a reflection of our table

The dilemma:

A.  Chaperoning 4.5 cubic feet of helmet along with kids, bags, and other cargo:

  1. Chaining the helmet straps all together (an ok idea with two, a terrible idea with > 2)
  2. Just chucking them in a bike basket, bag, or other vessel.  This works until you need to actually put your takeout/groceries/whatever in the vessel.
  3. Stacking them neatly in a chair.  This works so rarely I took a picture of it when it did.



  1. Trusting in the goodness or disinterest of humanity–leaving the helmets in the bucket of the kr8 or dangling from the handlebars or kid seats.  Downside to this option is that people could take or mess with the helmets or they could get innocently rained on / pooped in / etc.
  2. Split the difference and leave my helmet and carry the kid helmets in.  

I usually go with B2 since finding acceptable kid helmets is much harder than finding adult helmets and I can easily replace mine.  If there’s a better way (other than a mythical helmet/coat check service with valet bike parking) I’d love to hear it.

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