Our awesome new bike and I broke it but I fixed it

This is the rockin’ new Bakfiets, a Workcycles Kr8:

A box bike, in a box.

I picked it up in Santa Clara and got some strange looks on Trimble on my way to the Guadalupe Trail.  I immediately used it to haul some dog food and beer:

Additional bike carried as a lifeboat

And made an abortive attempt to haul an actual dog:

I am an old dog and do not appreciate this new trick

Over the next week or so I hauled kids around the neighborhood, to restaurants, shopping, and swimming lessons, and to San Jose Jazz Fest.

Then, on the way to San Pedro Square Market, the unthinkable: the big beast stopped shifting properly.  Grumbling and spinning the shifter solved nothing.  I took a full load of children home with my bike and pride in low gear.

Shif cables popping + a creepy grinding sound
Things poking out where things didn’t poke out before

What’s a wannabe car free person to do?

Put the kids to bed and read the instructions on how the Nuvinci 360 works.  Diagnosis: shifter cables in the Nuvinci shifter derailed and got frayed/otherwise fouled up.  $5 worth of new shifter cables easily routed after removing the chain case and we’re back in action!

This is a family-friendly blog so I will only tease chain nudity