Rainy Week and First Flat Tire of 2018

I don’t really mind the rain.  Strong wind + rain I could do without.  The one downside to rain, especially around here, it that it tends to wash debris around and make it hard to dodge things like my pointy friend here:


A perfectly-pointy rock or piece of chipped metal that lay in wait in the bike lane for me
I caught that little bit in my front tire when I was riding over to Tamien Caltrain Station.  On some days I pad my commute time a little but not that day–I was timing things to roll right into the station.  Especially since I was running late due to the dreaded DST clock change.
Instead of the usual groove of semi-smooth pavement, I felt the gradual shift to sluggy steering (secret upside to the fact that I don’t go very fast) and, after a brief period of denial, scooted off to the sidewalk.  Luckily, the train station was a 5 minute “run” from my landing spot and I made it to the train just barely on time.  Took a closer look at the damage later in the morning as shown below:
What about the commute home?  Luckily (see, I’m trying to stay positive here) I’ve been through this enough times that I followed through on my “plan a head to have a spare tube handy” just a couple weeks ago and restocked spare tubes after having none around for months–now I actually have a spare at home, work, and in my bag.  The Schwalbe Marathons put up a valiant fight going on and off the tire but I had the whole job done in about 30 minutes (that includes a re-do since I did not have the tire properly seated on the rim in the first go round).  Celebrated with some Tabata intervals outside into a headwind.