Secret Service + Top Tube Seat = Interesting concept but not for me

Recently tried the “Oxford Junior Top Tube Child Seat” on the Secret Service.  Ordering and delivery were as easy as always (even from Amazon.UK).  Installation took more than a few minutes despite having all the available tools.
Top tube Seat, Yepp Maxi, and Weird Green Effects
What I liked:
  • Relatively inexpensive;
  • My son got to ride up front on “the big bike” rather than in the rear-mounted Yepp Maxi, so we could talk more;
  • If we had to take this bike in the train  we’d probably take up less room than with the rear mounted Yepp;
  • In theory I could transport two kids who have both outgrown the Yepp Mini but are too small to ride on their own.  In theory…
What I didn’t like:
  • Practically, at age 4 and a half, my son is a little too enthusiastic to have prime access to the handlebars and I wasn’t entirely confident riding with him up front;
  • No room for this plus the Yepp Mini Seat–it was a long shot but I was hoping I could have two kids up front and use the rear rack;
  • I took great care (and a fair amount of time for something so simple) in installing and didn’t harm the top tube but was still paranoid about damaging the bike long-term.


Verdict: for two kids on this bike we are sticking to the Yepps for the foreseeable future.