I Fancify My Site

Imported old posts from my everydaysanjose.blogspot.com days to here where I will continue my intermittent blogging about carrying coffee and other things by bike and expand to other topics such as carrying coffee by hand. I should put a quote here but I bet it will seem pretentious – Eric Zaiser

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Bay Area Bicycle Cafes?

Interested in visiting bicycle cafes–defined broadly as shops that are for bike sale (or repair or event) + some sort of food or drink. Visited: I’ve been to Cyclismo in Redwood City.  It’s awesome, totally worth the trip.  Wanted to try going by Caltrain but the day we went we had some car-centric events planned so […]

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DIY E-Brompton

Last fall, I went shopping for e-bikes after getting sick of bike+train.  Given the upfront investment I wanted to find a way to test my commute and day-to-day riding without buying an e-bike first.  I tested a large swath of my commute on test rides and test-rode numerous nice ebikes but needed a longer term […]

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