I 🚲 Portland (Ride 6)

In contrast to ride 5, ride 6 puts me back in the city for a ride that is overdue in many ways. I’ve been in and around Portland on visits since 2005 when we lived hundreds of miles away. Nowadays I’m much closer but due to covid I think this year has been the longest stretch of time without a visit to Portland. Plus, other than test rides for bikes to ride elsewhere, I haven’t actually biked in Portland.

Until today! (~2 weeks ago)

This ride was an 8 mile loop around downtown Portland after a short medical appointment. I checked out the Park Blocks, bought a bell at Clever Cycles, and cruised up the Eastbank Esplanade to finish with an Orgeat flavored Oat Milk Latte from Either/Or.

I returned to chores and quiet (except for the chickens and goats) out in the country but this ride reminded me that an occasional urban adventure keeps things in perspective.